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Grocery Store Survey results are in!


This survey was managed by the Overbrook City Council and a volunteer committee. Data belongs to the City of Overbrook and should not be modified or reproduced in any manner.  For additional...

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Businesses within the City Limit of Overbrook are encouraged to apply now


Greetings Overbrook Business Owner,

The City of Overbrook, KS has been awarded $117,000 of funding through the Kansas Department of Commerce’s Community Development Block Grant COVID-19 Small...

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Overbrook Grocery Store - Community Interest Survery


If you would like to fill out our Grocery Store Community Interest Survey, follow this link: After you've filled out the survey you can...

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Traffic change on Oak Street east of the school


Earlier this year, the Overbrook City Council passed Ordinance #418, which will limit traffic (to authorized vehicles only) in the 700 block of Oak Street.  This is the block of Oak Street that is...

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Looking for contact information for the following organizations


We are looking for the contact information of these following organizations so that we can accurately update the website. If you know the contact information please call City Hall at (785)...

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Overbrook City Lake Blue Green Algae WATCH Status


The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has placed our Overbrook City Lake on WATCH Status for Blue Green Algae.  Here is a link to their current lake advisories:

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Council Update


The City Council understands the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic and is striving to support all our citizens and businesses in this time of crisis. We hope that in this unprecedented time that...

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Library Resumes Regular Hours


The Overbrook Public Library has resumed its regular hours. The first hour on the weekdays (10-11) is reserved for Seniors only. The hours are Monday-Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday 9am-1pm.

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