Community Rooms

Overbrook Library Community Rooms

The Overbrook Public Library has community rooms to reserve for all of our citizens to meet, spend time together, share a coffee and maybe a game of cards or a debate about local politics.  No matter what the reason, this center provides a perfect meeting spot for residents of all ages. The rooms range in sizes and can accomodate up to 150 people. Contact the Overbrook Public Library at 785-862-9840 for more information.


Old Gym

Rules for using the old Gym:

1. Nobody is allowed in the locker rooms.

2. Do not allow any play (siblings included) above level of net on the bleachers.

3. You are welcome to use anything in the gym. It is left there for your convenience and use but please be respectful of that.

4. If something gets broken or damaged please notify City Hall (785) 665-7328. 

5. Treat this facility like it is your own. It is a great privilege to be able to use it! Leave it better than you found it.

6. Overbrook City Maintenance is attached to this gym and also use these restrooms so it is imperitive that their work place remain clean and free of any tripping hazards.

Before Leaving...

1. Please check restrooms to ensure they are clean.

2. Make sure that no doors are blocked with mats or other equipment with the exception of the south east doors (2) of the gym which are intentionally blocked and not utilized.

3. Anything large and heavy (I.E. pitching machines, baseball pitching mounds) need to be stored against the wall & tipped upright (baseball pitching mounds) taking up the least amount of space possible so that full use of the gym can be enjoyed by others.

4. Pick up after your team... water bottles, jackets, hoodies etc.

5. Make sure that stage and & gym lights are turned off.

6. Check to make sure door locks behind you when you are done.

Thank you!