Parks and Recreation

The City of Overbrook, Kansas Parks and Recreation Department provides park facilities and programs to accommodate the needs and interests of local residents and visitors.  Whether you are into sports, nature or just want to take your children to the playground, the City of Overbrook, Kansas is the place for you.

Come out and enjoy our beautiful parks!

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Parks and Recreation Board Members

Justin Florance Perry Boyd Andy Zajic
Kylie Hastings Jaime Long  

*There are currently 2 open positions.


Parks and Recreation Director

Corey Wells

Phone: (785) 219-9060



Park Facilities

The City of Overbrook, Kansas's park facilities are available to groups and citizens to reserve for family gatherings, group parties, picnics, meetings, or other events.

Park reservations are listed on the calendar. If you are interested in reserving, contact City Hall.


OPR Programs

Having fun, meeting your neighbors and making new friends is what living in the City of Overbrook, Kansas is all about.  Throughout the year, the City of Overbrook, Kansas Parks and Recreation Departments offers a variety of programs to all our citizens. 

Whether it is a local fair for all ages, a summer camp for school age children or enjoying a hotdog at a ball game, there is something for everyone. Keep an eye on our calendar so you do not miss upcoming events!