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Baking for Businesses in Overbrook!


Baking for Businesses in Overbrook

(July Volunteers Needed)

What kind of town would we be if we didn’t have our brick and mortar businesses?!  Oh my, let’s not even think about that!  City Council is continuing our campaign to appreciate and support our local businesses (and the volunteer fire department).  Monday, July 22nd, we will deliver home baked goods (pies, cakes, brownies, cookies) to all 36 of the physical businesses in Overbrook to show our appreciation and support of all they do for us.  Wow 36!

Here’s where you come in.  If you like to bake, have a special family recipe, or have kids who want to get involved, let Laverna or Jim know at city hall know by Wednesday, July 17.  You can either call 785-665-7328 or email cityclerk@overbrookks.com and we will get a few details from you. 

Volunteer bakers and businesses will be featured in the monthly newsletter, webpage, city Facebook page, and Don’t Overlook Overbrook Facebook page.  We need either 37 volunteer bakers, or bakers who are willing to bake for more than one business.  Baked goods will need to be delivered to City Hall Monday, July 22 by 9a.m.   We really do appreciate our local businesses and volunteer bakers.    

Baking for Business (Volunteer Information)

Name/s of baker/s________________________________________________


What do you want to bake?


About how many will it serve? _______________________


Can you deliver your baked goods to City Hall by Monday, July 22, 9 a.m.?


If we need to get in touch, how do you prefer to communicate?

_____ Home Phone #_________________________________

_____ Mobile #______________________________________ 

 Do you text?  _______Yes   _______No


Thank you so much for volunteering to help us show appreciation to
Overbrook businesses and our beloved Volunteer Fire Department!!!