Water Distribution Project

This page is where you'll find updates on our Water Distribution Project.

If you have any questions you can call us at (785) 665-7328 or contact us through the web here: Contact Us | City of Overbrook Kansas (overbrookks.com).

3-29-2023: The City's new water distribution system will generally provide similar water pressure, but with the installation of check vavles on the service lines you now have what is referred to as a closed system. This will create the possibility for thermal expansion within your home or business.

If not already installed on your system, you will want to have a pressure tank or relief installed on your system. You should contact your plumber to discuss and to have your system checkced if you do not know if your system has been equipped with expansion relief of some sort. For more information see document below.

There is a significant amount of cleanup, grading, and grass seeding to be completed. This process will be completed in the spring. The contractor has indicated that they will be returning on April 10th. Many of you have expressed concerns about this part of the process and we have provided a compiled list of items that need to be addressed during the final clean up phase to the contractor. We will be entering the 1-year warranty period of the project which will run into the spring of 2024. If you have concerns, we encourage you to report these during this period, so the contractor has an opportunity to address the issue. The new water system will serve the community