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2020 Pet Tags


2020 Pet Tags are now available at CIty Hall for dogs and cats. All dogs and cats over six months of age are required by Overbrook City Ordinance to be registered. These tags help us to reunite you with your pet if you are ever seperated. The cost is only $5.00 for spayed and $10.00 for un-spayed pets. All you need to bring is proof of current rabies vaccination. For those animals who had a previous year tag and have a current rabies vaccination on file at City Hall, we will process an auto-renewal when we generate the February utility bills. We will charge the permit fee to your account and mail the license and tag with the utility buill. If you no longer have the animal or have added additional animals, you will still need to contact City Hall. This option is only available to animals with a current rabies vaccination on file at the time when the license is issued.