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Phase 2 Comprehensive Goose Control Plan Training Day


On Saturday, March 23rd from 10AM to 11AM at City Hall, the City of Overbrook will hold an informational meeting with training in regards to Phase II of the Comprehensive Goose Control Plan. We will train volunteers on the egg oiling process which reduces the population by decreasing the nesting success. Late March into Early June, trained volunteers will locate nests, mark eggs, and spray them with a light mist of corn oil. Because no young are produced from the oiled eggs, the protective aggression of adult geese is eliminated, and the resident population is gradually decreased. WE NEED YOUR HELP. If you are interested and unable to attend the training meeting, contact us via email cityclerk@overbrookks.com, phone (785)665-7328, or stop by City Hall. We encourage church groups, supervised youth groups, and other community groups to join in. It will be a chance to spend time outside, use your detective skills to find the nests, enjoy the company of other volunteers, and humanly reduce the goose population. Thank you!