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Severe Weather Season


Shared from the Overbrook Police Department Facebook Page
Greetings all and good morning. Today, this post will be more serious but with some very good news. As we enter severe weather season, particularly tornado season, we all need to plan ahead. The City of Overbrook does not have a community storm shelter for people to hide in. As a matter of fact, very few towns in tornado alley do. I have met with the Overbrook Bible Church, Grace Community Church as well as KANSAS State Bank and they will be opening their doors for people to seek shelter. During a tornado warning, key holders will go and let people in. At Grace and the Bible Churches, enter on the West sine of the buildings. At the bank, enter thru the front and go downstairs. Go to the nearest shelter during the storm. Be patient and be prepared to help those in need get inside. Hopefully we won’t need to use the shelters but, it is a blessing to know they are there. Please thank Derrick at the bank and Pastors Stone and VanMeter for their help and cooperation. Thanks. Chief.