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COVID May 17th Data

*Data above from COVID-19 Cases in Kansas | KDHE COVID-19 ( Last updated 5/17/2023.

August 2021 Update

The Osage County Health Department recommends following CDC/KDHE current guidelines to protect yourself from COVID-19. KDHE's current guidelines and various data reports can be found here:

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May 2021 Update from the Osage County Health Department

Osage County Health Department is taking names and phone numbers of individuals who would like to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Please call (785) 828-3117 during business hours (Mon - Thurs 8 am to 6:30 pm) to be put on this list. When the Health Department has vaccine in stock, they will call individuals to make an appointment to come in to receive the vaccine. Currently, the only site in Osage County to receive the vaccine is at the Osage County Health Department, 103 E. 9th St, Lyndon, KS. 

Questions? Call the Osage County Health Department:

(785) 828-3117 8 a.m. – 6:30 p.m., Monday – Thursday 

(785) 219-1680 after hours. If nobody answers, leave a message or text.  

Mayor Jon Brady

July 9, 2020 The City Council understands the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic and is striving to support all our citizens and businesses in this time of crisis.  We hope that in this unprecedented time that we can support and respect each of our neighbors and be sensitive to their needs.  The Council was very appreciative of all who took the time to share their viewpoints which were equally divided. The current County Commission, after consultation with the County Health Officer,  voted to exempt Osage County from the Governor’s Order for mandating masks. This exemption would require that the City pass a specific ordinance to mandate the use of masks.  As with all ordinances, the City must address the feasibility of enforcing that ordinance. In consultation with our law department, the council struggled with enforcement of a mandate for masks and after significant consideration they voted not to pass a mask mandate.  This vote is consistent with the County Health Office guidance.  

The City of Overbrook strongly encourages the citizens to protect themselves and others by following the county guidelines. Prevention measures include social distancing, wearing of masks when in public settings, washing hands frequently and stay at home if you are sick or have weakened immune systems.  In addition, you should refrain from travel to high-risk areas.    


Mayor Jon Brady

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