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October 29, 2020 Update from the Osage County Health Department.

As the weather gets colder, we tend to spend more time indoors. This close contact with others in enclosed spaces increases your chances of getting sick with influenza, the common cold, COVID-19, and a myriad of other illnesses. It is important to wash your hands frequently, be aware of social distancing, and stay home if you are sick. It is recommended to wear a face mask when in public to help protect others as well as yourself from illness, especially while COVID-19 is still new to us and our immune systems. Stay safe!


July 29, 2020 Update

The City Council continues to monitor the current status of Covid-19 and strives to support all of our citizens and businesses in Overbrook.  Like you, we are all struggling to find a way forward in these troubled times. Osage County and specifically the northern part of the county experienced positive cases in the past few weeks. We have been extremely fortunate that none of these have resulted in death.   As of July 27th, Osage County Health Department numbers indicate no active positive cases in the county and 5 ordered quarantined. THANK YOU for doing your part to minimize the spread!


The Council is very appreciative to all citizens taking the time to share their viewpoints and help to provide support to their fellow citizens. We have recently lost our local grocery store which will place additional strain on the community. The City is working actively to find solutions to this loss and asking for community involvement.  If you are interested in joining the committee that will be exploring options for a new grocery store in town, please contact City Hall. School is just around the corner which brings additional challenges.   


The latest Osage County Health Department numbers from July 28th, indicate an increase to 5 active positive cases in the county with 7 ordered quarantined.  This highlights the need to remain vigilant in taking measures to minimize the spread as you support local business or as you travel outside the county.  We continue to strongly encourage the use of masks in public settings, washing hands frequently, staying at home if you are sick or have a weakened immune system, and refrain from travel to high-risk areas. 


Again, thank you for being respectful and cognizant of the needs of your friends and neighbors and following these guidelines so we can all enjoy a healthy summer and start to the school year.


Covid-19 Resources:

Local Covid-19 Numbers from the Osage County Department of Health

Questions? Call the Osage County Health Department:

(785) 828-3117 8 a.m. – 6:30 p.m., Monday – Thursday 

(785) 219-1680 after hours. If nobody answers, leave a message or text.  


Osage County Commissioners:


Kansas Department of Health Coronavirus Response page: 


Testing in Kansas – Details from the KDHE


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Mayor Jon Brady


July 9, 2020 The City Council understands the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic and is striving to support all our citizens and businesses in this time of crisis.  We hope that in this unprecedented time that we can support and respect each of our neighbors and be sensitive to their needs.  The Council was very appreciative of all who took the time to share their viewpoints which were equally divided. The current County Commission, after consultation with the County Health Officer,  voted to exempt Osage County from the Governor’s Order for mandating masks. This exemption would require that the City pass a specific ordinance to mandate the use of masks.  As with all ordinances, the City must address the feasibility of enforcing that ordinance. In consultation with our law department, the council struggled with enforcement of a mandate for masks and after significant consideration they voted not to pass a mask mandate.  This vote is consistent with the County Health Office guidance.  


The City of Overbrook strongly encourages the citizens to protect themselves and others by following the county guidelines. Prevention measures include social distancing, wearing of masks when in public settings, washing hands frequently and stay at home if you are sick or have weakened immune systems.  In addition, you should refrain from travel to high-risk areas.    


For full guidelines please refer to the following:

Osage County Health Department Facebook Page:   

Osage County,  COVID-19 Facebook Page: 

KDHE: or CDC: 


Mayor Jon Brady

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Links to KDHE COVID-19 Information

To Review Executive orders: Governor Laura Kelly's Newsroom

FEMA COVID-19 info

Please practice social distancing!
COVID-19 Brief

COVID-19 Brief