Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division helps to protect the City of Overbrook, Kansas public’s well-being and enhance the quality of life by enforcing the health, safety, zoning and sanitation codes.

As part of the Overbrook Police Department, Dena Manning is the Code Enforcement Officer.  Her job is to ensure that articles of Ordinances #353 and #387 are followed.  These Ordinances deal with junked vehicles, weeds, old tires and other nuisances within the city limits which harbor rats, mice, mosquitoes and other vermin, as well as dead or dying trees which may present a danger if they fall on buildings or people out for a walk.  You may reach Officer Manning at 785-219-1695.

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You can access Overbrook's City Code here.

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Dena Manning
Code Enforcement Officer

Code Enforcement Officer Dena Manning

Code Enforcement Officer Dena Manning