Additional Water Break North of 6th and Cedar Overbrook - December 10, 2018

10:30PM 12/10/18 We have an additional smaller water main leak north of 6th and Cedar. We will mo... [more...]

9:35 PM Update Water Break 200 Block Elm - December 10, 2018

We've had to turn off 3 valves in the area surrounding the break in the 200 Block of Elm.  This ... [more...]

12/10 6PM Water Main Break 200 Block of Elm Street Overbrook - December 10, 2018

Hi,  We have a water main break in the 200 Block of Elm Street in Overbrook.  Right now the pla... [more...]


Animal Control

Another part of the Overbrook Police Department is Animal Control.  2018 Pet license tags may be purchased now. Tags are $5.00 for neutered pets and $10.00 if not. All cats and dogs, over 6 months of age, whether kept indoors or out are required to have a tag. Proof of current rabies vaccination is needed.  A late fee of $5 is effective as of March 1st.

Dogs or cats running at large, without current year tags, are subject to impoundment at the shelter, until claimed.  Those that are properly tagged will be brought back to their home whenever possible, however, if they get out multiple times they are subject to impoundment.  If taken to the shelter, the owner will be faced with an animal at large citation and impoundment fee.  Animal Control may be reached at 785-409-8587.  You may read about options to pay your Pet Tag fee or Animal Control Citation/Impoundment Fee at

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