City of Overbrook, KS
Overbrook City Hall 785-665-7328

1:45PM Thursday April 27th  We have a Water leak just south of Kansas State Bank at the alley east of Maple. Will affect east side of maple from market to 5th, east to walnut, south to market. Crew is on it's way. It's on a 6 inch line so pressures have been affected in other areas of the town. They should be able to isolate it to the surrounding area. If you have questions, please call City Hall 665-7328. Thank you!  Jim Koger City Clerk

The City of Overbrook has placed their 2005 Blue Ford Crown Victoria on a sealed bid sale

RFQ 2017-01 runs from April 25th to May 10th, 2017

Please click here for the bid package details

If you have questions, please call Police Chief Terry Hollingsworth at 785-665-7230

Here is a link to Ordinance No. 392 Floodplain Management Requirements