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A Town with a Great Future built on a Trail of Past Success!
401 Maple, PO Box 288, Overbrook, Kansas 66524 | 785-665-7328

Don't Overlook Overbrook!
The City of Overbrook, Kansas is built on the old Santa Fe Trail on US56 Highway located conveniently between Lawrence, Topeka, and Ottawa. We are a small farming community, rich in heritage, and wealthy in the spirit of life.

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the east Water Tower

the east Water Tower
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August 2015 City Newsletter

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Overbrook Middle School Gopher Memorabilia Silent Auction

Special Opportunity to help restore electrical power to the north diamond backstop at Overbrook's Jones Park- if you're an Overbrook Middle School Gopher alumni or friend or family of said Gopher, Overbrook Park and Rec will be holding a silent auction of a treasure trove of team and individual trophies, plaques, and photographs from the 1980's, 1990's and 2000's.  The silent auction is to take place during the Overbrook Osage County Fair the week of August 12th through 16th.  The items were left in boxes at the old Middle School when the building was transferred to the City of Overbrook.  The school district was contacted to see if they wanted the boxes for the new consolidated Overbrook Attendance Center but they did not have room.  Other attempts to find a new home were unsuccessful.  However, their loss is your gain.  You can participate in the silent auction and take home a piece of your middle school history!

Here's a link to the list of trophies (each will have an item #)

Here's a table with the list of pictures 

Item #  Description Year
 P1 Overhead School Photo, framed  2001-2002
 P2 Overhead School Photo, framed   2002-2003 
 P3 Overhead School Photo, framed
 P4 Overhead School Photo, framed   2007-2008
 P5 Overhead School Photo, framed  2008-2009
 P6 School Photo World, framed  2008-2009
7th Grade Wright Flight
7th Grade Wright Flight


Items can be viewed during business hours at Overbrook City Hall, 401 Maple St. in Overbrook.

You can email your item # (with description) and bid amount to or drop the bids off at City Hall.  Results will be announced on Monday, August 17, 2015. 

Please call City Hall at 665-7328 if you have questions.  Thank you for your consideration!


Overbrook hosts the Flint Hills Little League World Series

Check out some great baseball at Jones Park in Overbrook this week as we host the Flint Hills Little League World Series July 13-15th.

Here's the bracket

Thank you to everyone who helped out this year, it was very much appreciated!  Good luck teams!

Updated Tree Limb Drop-off Information

**** Please note  ****  Monday, July 13th will be the last day for the lot to be open at 2nd and Oak.  The regular tree dump at the lagoons will remain open.  Thank you!    Jim Koger

If you have tree limbs or branches down and need a place to drop them off, the tree dump is open on the south east end of our lagoons located just south of Overbrook.  We've also made arrangements to have the lot open for branch\limb drop-off at the SW corner of 2nd Street and Oak in the graveled area north of where Marshall Automotive was for many years.  I've attached a map to show where the lot is located.  If you have questions, please call City Hall 665-7328 or 785-224-5157.  Thank you!  Jim Koger CMC  Overbrook City Clerk


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