City of Overbrook, KS
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Code Compliance

Monday August 28th   Here's a note from Police Chief Terry Hollingsworth:

Good morning all. Many home owners and residents of Overbrook received a notice to trim back the trees on their property. The letters sent were in response to a directive given by the City Council. The wording in the notice, says that homeowners/residents were given 10 days from receipt of the notice to trim the trees. Please do not think that anyone will receive a citation or fine if this is not done. According to our City Attorney, whenever code letters are mailed out, we must use legal terms and put the 10 day notice in wording.
We are nowhere near the point of citing anyone for these violations. Please make note; If there are questions regarding this or any other code enforcement actions. please call the Overbrook Police Department at 785-665-7230. If the phone is not answered, please leave a message and I will call you back and /or come by your house and personally answer your questions. There is some confusion on this tree ordinance and we are working hard to rectify the issues. Please be patient with us as the problems will be figured out as soon as possible. Again, NO citations will be issued to ANYONE in Overbrook over this tree ordinance. Thank you all and have a good day. Chief Terry Hollingsworth.