Overbrook City Lake placed in Warning Status due to Blue-Green Algae Cell Count - June 13, 2019

We received the Overbrook City Lake Blue-Green Algae test results back June 13th from the KDHE la... [more...]


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Comprehensive Goose Control Plan for the Overbrook City Lake and Kid's Fishing Pond


For the past year, the City of Overbrook has been looking at different ways to control the Goose Population as well as the blue-green algae issue at the Overbrook City Lake and the Kid's Fishing Pond.  The City received input from Kansas Wildlife and Parks, the Lake Steering Committee, Overbrook Parks and Rec, and the public.  Using that information, the City Council formulated and approved the following Comprehensive Plan to control the Geese population. 

Canada Geese Control – Comprehensive Plan

The overpopulation of geese on the Overbrook City Lake contributes to the growth of blue green algae. Additionally, goose droppings create a messy path around the lake.  The average Canada goose produces more fecal waste than a dairy cow on a per-weight basis.  The city has begun using the broom on the grasshopper mower to make walking the path more pleasant. 


Methods of control are necessary.  The City has been working with the Overbrook Lake Committee, Parks and Rec, and State Wildlife & Parks personnel during the past year to develop a long-term, effective, humane solution to reduce the number of resident geese. 


There is no single quick fix.  Research shows that the best geese control programs combine three methods: limiting flock growth through egg oiling and controlled hunting, frightening geese (humanely) so they decide to leave on their own, and changing the habitat/no feeding so the lake isn’t attractive to geese.   No Feeding signs are posted at the lake. Fines will be evaluated.


Controlled hunts are being planned and will begin mid-December.  Signs will be posted at the lake, on Facebook, and the city alert system and the website indicating times the lake will be closed to residents.  Overbrook residents who would like to be included in the hunt lottery need to be experienced waterfowl hunters and have all licenses and hunting permits.   Please email Dan Shively, hunt coordinator, to be included in the lottery at

Any questions can be directed to City Hall, 785-665-7328.

Thank you!  Jim Koger Overbrook City Clerk